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Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans

On February 25, at the Vietnam Veterans of America Midwinter Conference Mr. Murray Drummon, the curator of the USS Kidd announced plans for a Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Celebration and picnic on March 31, 2011. A special program is planned, a log book to sign in, and special guest speakers will be there. There is now a Hall of Honor in the USS Kidd. The festivities start at 9:00 AM, with flag presentations at 11:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM. There will be special pricing for Vietnam Veterans and their families at the USS Kidd and the gift shop. You can bring your won food or buy it there. This will be a good educational experience for children and grandchildren. For more information contact Sam Caruso at 225-274-5800.

There will also be a Welcome Home Celebration in Lafayette on March 30. I have seen that information on the web, but do not have the particulars right now.